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We'll Give Your Car a Polished Look

Treat yourself to a car polishing service based in Manhattan, serving the Wamego, Junction City, KS and surrounding areas by calling The Final Touch

There's a reason people love looking at showroom cars. They're beautiful, spotless and glossy. Achieve that high-gloss shine with professional car polishing. Let the experts at The Final Touch give your car a gorgeous finish that's sure to attract attention on the road.

Add car polishing to your auto detailing service. Call now to schedule your appointment in Manhattan, Wamego & Junction City, KS.

Don't let chips or scratches decrease the value of your car

Whether your car has dings from a shopping cart or scratches from another car, you don't want to put up with these imperfections for long. Professional car paint correction is the best way to spot correct problems, like:

  • Swirls
  • Scratches
  • Holograms
  • Oxidation

Car paint correction is the most effective way to improve your car's appearance.

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