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Refresh the Inside of Your Car with Help From The Final Touch

Get a professional car upholstery cleaning service based in Manhattan, serving the Wamego, Junction City, KS and surrounding areas

Your car's upholstery is home to a world of germs. Don't let dirt, crumbs or sweat sit on your seats or mats. Call The Final Touch and give your car a brand-new look with car upholstery cleaning. Our professional equipment will reach places that your household vacuum extension never could.

Call today to schedule your car upholstery cleaning service in Manhattan, Wamego & Junction City, KS.

We'll clean every detail of your car's interior

Are you embarrassed to pick friends up because your car is so filthy? Drop the shame and call us for interior car cleaning. We'll make your car as good as new by removing streaks, fingerprints, scratches and debris. We'll even shampoo your upholstery to give your car a fresh smell.

Reach out to our team today to set up your interior car cleaning service in Manhattan, Wamego & Junction City, KS. We offer free consultations on all services.